I would without hesitation recommend Steve to anyone looking for a someone willing to go above and beyond the brief. His initiative, insight and instinct were always hands-down on the money and we saw a more than satisfactory ROI within weeks of his involvement. I genuinely look forward to working alongside Steve once more.

Peter Hinton
Peter Hinton
Creator/Director: The Academy

The Academy was a pilot for a mockumentary-style series starring Ian McKellen, Jonathan Hyde, Frances Barber, Carol Harvey and Sylvester McCoy, and was devised and directed by Peter Hinton.

I worked with the show’s creator to elevate it’s presence on social media and to foster a fan community, despite the show existing only as a trailer for an uncommissioned pilot.

I devised a simple but effective online campaign that generated substantial ticket sales ahead of a public screening of the pilot at the Prince Charles Cinema, with the show’s principal cast in attendance.

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